Friday, May 30, 2014

Microcontrollers In Grades 7 - 12

A recent TechCrunch post highlights what the Humboldt Microcontrollers Group (HMG) can help bring to the middle school and high school students of Humboldt County.

The post, titled "These Kids Are 3D-Printing Their Education," explains that:
"A group of junior high and high school students in Cambridge, Mass., are part of an experimental education program that aims to prove they’re capable of solving real-world problems early with the help of 3D printers, Arduino and group collaboration. Co-founders Saeed Arida, David Wang and Saba Ghole started NuVu Studio as a way to apply their dissertation theory, which claims that kids as young as 13 are capable of working on design and engineering projects normally reserved for those at the master’s level. By the looks of several projects involving medical devices, a game that helps you lose weight and a modular telepresence robot you can control from far away, the theory seems to be correct...The program does more than just teach kids 3D printing, design and engineering principles, although Arida admits there’s probably not a single project that doesn’t incorporate the use of Arduino at some point..."
It would be fun to help Humboldt 7th - 12th grade students get involved with microcontroller projects that many college students don't get the chance to work on in school. After the HMG has more experience helping beginners learn the basics of Arduino, we should contact local schools to see if there's interest in collaborating on student microcontroller workshops or projects.


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