Wednesday, May 21, 2014

PancakeBot: Microcontrollers To Make You Smile

So tonight's post about the PancakeBot show you just how much fun you can have with microcontrollers (and other bits of technology) once you learn how to use them.

A recent SlashGear post is about an Arduino-controlled pancake-printing 3D printer that prints out an
Eiffel Tower. The PancakeBot is an open source project, so if you want to 3D print your pancakes, there's information out there to help you put together a slightly-wacky machine that will do just that.

The video for printing the Eiffel Tower is worth watching, if only to see how well-produced the video is and what a great job they've done of getting the pancake printer to work.

But what I thought was even better was PancakeBot's "Breakfast Gallop" video. I went to the project's website and checked out their blog. The video of a pancake horse riding across the countryside would be a priceless memory to make with your kids. After 3D printing the props for the video and after making the video, the kids get to eat the props! How much better can it get?


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