Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Your Favorite Microcontroller Blogs

Your favorite microcontroller (MCU) blog or blogs may be included in the list shown below. If not, please send website addresses for the MCU blogs you like best in an email to arcatabob (at) gmail {dott} com.

Most people probably don't have a favorite MCU blog. However, regularly reading a quality MCU blog will be well worth your while if you want to:

  1. Be aware of new MCU-related product releases.
  2. Learn new tricks and skill for using MCUs.
  3. Be exposed to different MCU projects that you might want to copy or hack.
  4. Become aware of other MCU users whom you might want to connect with.
There are two basic types of MCU blogs; ones that have a narrow focus, such as and Atmel blog or an Arduino blog, and ones that cover a wide spectrum of MCU topics, manufacturers, skill levels and applications. The Humboldt Microcontrollers Community blog tries to present a fairly wide spectrum of topics because the primary goals of this blog are to connect MCU users with each other in the Humboldt region and to increase the number of people in this area who use microcontrollers.

Below is the start of a list of blogs you should consider reading either frequently or every now and then. A post on one of these blogs may spark your interest enough that you'll buy a couple new components, develop new programming skills, or start working on a project you would never have done if you hadn't read the blog post. Some of the blogs have more than just MCUs, but are pretty relevant to someone interested in MCUs.

Below is a variety of blogs -- see if one or several of them are your cup of tea.
  1. Evil Mad Scientist
  2. Adafruit Industries Blog
  3. uC Hobby -- Making things with Microcontrollers
  4. SparkFun Blog
  5. Official Arduino Blog
  6. Make: Magazine Blog
  7. Hackaday
  8. tronixstuff
  9. Embedds
  10. Atmel Blog
  11. TI MSP430 Blog
  12. 43oh -- MSP430 Projects
  13. Dangerous Prototypes
  14. Embedded Lab
  15. Electronics Lab
Tomorrow, June 26, is the next Humboldt Microcontrollers Users meeting, from 6 to 8 PM at 1385 8th Street, Arcata, California. I'll check with people at that meeting to see if they have favorite MCU blogs that aren't on the above list. Hope to see you at the meeting!


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